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fully interactive 3d vr

Immersive hardware rendered VR streamed on demand to all platforms

Broadcast cinematic, fully interactive, virtual reality experiences to everyone at the push of a button…

What is waygate vr?


Play anywhere

VRTV content can be played back anywhere – on all VR platforms as well as mobile, tablet, and the web. We don’t limit where you can watch your favorite VR shows.


Hardware 3D

VRTV is not video. We stream real hardware accelerated graphics. There is never any latency, only crisp clean native device 3D rendering.


Smooth streaming

With VRTV all content is streamed in real time from the cloud directly to the device. There is no need to download and there is never any waiting.

Who uses Waygate VR?


VR viewers

Install Waygate VR and watch streaming VR instantly
  • Easily “channel surf” VR content
  • Discover something new every day
  • Join a community of VR viewers and creators
  • Never any downloads and no waiting

Indy Creators

Use Waygate VR Tools for Unity to publish photoreal fully interactive VR to Waygate VR.
  • Because it plays instantly your streaming VR content gets played
  • No sitting in an app store struggling to get installs
  • Publish once across all platforms – including web and mobile
  • Monetize with in app purchases, advertising, premium content
  • Build a channel, and a community of dedicated viewers/players

Game Developers

Add Waygate VR streaming technology to your own game or VR app
  • Add instant streaming to your game – publish on Oculus or Steam
  • Change/update your content instantly, any time
  • Easily publish once across all platforms – including web and mobile
  • Add new episodes or in app purchases any time
  • Push installs from streaming content on the Waygate VR hub.

Fully Interactive VR

Realtime 3D lets you be part of the action - not just a spectator

We deliver fully interactive VR experiences through realtime native 3D rendering – not video. Break down a door, make some noise to create a diversion, then hide inside while your pursuers pass. You are a part of the action not just watching.

And because our content is rendered natively on each device there is never any latency, pauses or stuttering. The feel is always immersive and immediate and never passive or pre-baked.


Build Anything

Professional level tools mean no limits on what you create

Easy to use cloud based tools allow anyone to drag and drop professionally produced content sets to create their own movie quality immersive VR shows.



Benjamin Cooley

Zynga (FarmVill) – CTO of Shared Technology Group and Distinguished Engineer. Formerly senior engineer Booyah (MyTown, NightClub City), Lucas Arts (The Force Unleashed).


Carlo Morgantini

Formerly senior architect at Tell Tale Games (Walking Dead) – Senior engineer in charge of engine development and pipeline tooling. Previously with Sony/Factor5, Ubisoft.

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